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The Relax! One-day Holiday

Relax! One-day Holiday - a short holiday with long-term effect

The Relax! One-day Holiday has been developed as a premium day spa product by VAMED Vitality World. An exclusive service is offered to our spa visitors that has so far only been seen in the hotel sector.

The Relax! One-day Holiday starts stress-free at a designated check-in counter.
A beach bag with bathrobe and a XXL bath towel are also provided, as is a reserved deck chair in the Relaxation Lounge, snacks and refreshments, magazines and periodicals, as well as discounts on treatments and culinary delights.

Our One-day Holiday guests also receive a small gift at check-out. This VIP service ensures that you can relax without stress during your entire stay, around the clock - from arrival to departure.

This Thermal Spa Business Class product is available only at the VAMED Vitality World resorts. In light of the great success of the Relax!

One-day Holiday, Therme Wien Med and St. Martins Therme & Lodge are now also offering the "Relax! One-day Holiday Active" and "Relax! One-day Holiday Nature".