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VAMED offers a complete range of services

From individual planning, construction, and operation tasks to overall implementation projects and operational management, from detailed expertise to overall solution competence:

VAMED is the partner for all healthcare projects and tasks - worldwide. 
Public sector clients are increasingly interested in Public Private Partnerships (PPPs).

With this form of cooperation, a public partner and VAMED jointly plan, build, finance, and operate hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

In order to increase efficiency and ensure its competitive edge, VAMED is always trying to find new and innovative approaches: apart from partnership-based implementation models, as for instance life cycle and PPP models, these include international structured financial engineering and the continuous further development of instruments and processes for the implementation and operational management of complex health care facilities.

Selected VAMED projects:

  • Development
  • Planning
  • Construction
  • Services
      - technical
      - commercial
      - infrastructure
  • Operational management
      - Total operational management
  • Outsourcing solution
  • Partnership models – PPP models (Public Private Partnership)
  • Integrated healthcare models, etc.



Oper. management

Top-level operational management

VAMED has the know-how it takes to manage a healthcare facility anywhere in the world over its entire life cycle, from the initial project idea to total operational management, using our own resources - this is what makes us unique.

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Comprehensive services for healthcare facilities

VAMED offers a full range of services for healthcare facilities. VAMED's service business has a modular structure and ranges from facility management in technical, commercial, and infrastructure terms to total operational management.

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Reliable project management and construction

VAMED is the professional partner for healthcare projects, from initial planning to handing-over the turn-key project.

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Competent planning using bundled know-how

The complex challenges faced when planning projects in the healthcare sector require a professional and well-established team that can put its experience and know-how to good use in designing new solutions, has an overall view and acts independently of particular manufacturers - a team that can be trusted.

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Project development

First-class project development - custom-made

The initial idea for a project is the driving force behind a joint plan.

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Selected Projects