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VAMED as your employer

VAMED provides space for your professional and personal development

Enjoy being on the move? We do. As one of the leading international healthcare groups we offer our staff a large number of interesting and varied jobs, if desired at an international level. Qualified staff members are our most valuable asset. Your expertise and your commitment are important contributions to ensure that the quality of our healthcare services is upheld and the economic success of our company warranted. We focus our full and entire commitment on creating an environment characterized by knowledge, dynamics, cooperativeness, attractive challenges and individual development opportunities.



Look forward to cooperating with competent colleagues at an international level and together with us make your mark on the varied fields of activity of the VAMED group.







VAMED as your employer

  • Communication culture: The “club lebenszeit” app has been specially designed for VAMED and informs all employees with company smartphones or tablets about our current events program. In addition, the app provides up-to-date newsletters, recipes, videos, and podcasts. First-hand information is very important to us. 
  • Error culture: We maintain an open error culture. Transparent feedback processes are very important to us and appraisal interviews between manager and employee are held at least once a year. All our managers are regularly trained in this important competency through e-learnings.
  • Team culture: Cross-departmental cohesion is an important asset for our growth. Many team events, such as annual participation in the business run, are regular features for our employees.
  • Corporate social responsibility: VAMED has set itself the goal to positively influence the sustainable future of our planet. Through our energy and waste experts, we’re able to make a contribution in this area. Charitable causes are also very important to us.
  • Responsible activities in the meaningful healthcare sector
  • Personality and performance combined with internationality and innovation
  • Valuable know-how exchange across sectional, area, and country boundaries
  • Partnership-based cooperation with superiors and colleagues
  • Regular staff interviews
  • Performance-based pa
  • Staff pension fund
  • Full-day childcare, and during holidays, at our VAMED Kiddy-Care
  • Flexible working hours
  • Occupational health management
  • Occupational psychology care options
  • Parking for staff members
  • Location-specific meal vouchers or company restaurant
  • The VAMED Academy includes many offers, including project management, presentation and rhetoric or health & safety (face-to-face and e-learning).
  • Leadership and development programs, such as our High Potential Program
  • Advanced courses of study at (technical) colleges 
  • Trainee and junior management programs in various company and specialist areas
  • Buddy system in the onboarding process
  • Coaching or mentoring
  • VAMED Academy with a variety of training offers, such as project management, rhetorics or special healthcare topics (tailored training for day-to-day business)
  • Leadership and development programs, as for instance our "High Potential Program".
  • Continuing studies at universities and universities of applied science focusing on topics relevant for leadership functions
  • Trainee program in various corporate and technical areas

VAMED attaches great importance to the occupational health management of its staff.

The "club lebenszeit®" department has been created specifically for this purpose. The aim of club lebenszeit® is to promote your health with targeted measures tailored to your needs.

  • Medical services: Examinations, health consultations, vaccination campaigns.
  • Psycho-social services: Occupational psychology consulting and workshops on topics like cooperation, time management, stress management, conflict management, telephone hotline for all health-related issues, smoking counseling, addiction counseling, dealing with death and grief, crisis intervention
  • Dietary health promotion: dietary consultation, measurement of body composition by means of bioimpedance, cooking workshops and lectures
  • Sports health promotion: sports science consultation, muscle function test, ergonomics consultation, training sessions, film material with practice exercises

You can find more information on club lebenszeit® here.

Diversity is not just a question of justice and fairness - it’s also a strategic decision with long-term positive effects.

At VAMED, we are committed to recognizing diversity in our societies, organizations, and teams as a positive and enriching force, to seeing it as an opportunity, and to actively promoting it.

In this way, we can build a better society, a more successful economy and a more harmonious coexistence that values and incorporates people's different perspectives, experiences, skills and backgrounds.

  • Flexible working hours: We offer our employees the opportunity to adapt their working hours to their family commitments. This includes, for example, the option to work part-time, to have flexible working hours or to work from a home office where this is possible and reasonable.
  • Parental leave, part-time parental leave and paternity leave: We enable our employees to take an appropriate amount of time off after the birth or adoption of a child and then have reduced working hours.
  • Active integration of employees on leave through marginal employment or active invitation to company events
  • Facilitating re-entry through individual models: This may include, for example, flexible career paths, mentoring programs, or special training to meet the needs of employees with families.
  • Childcare: Within the framework of our “Kiddy-Care” company kindergarten, we offer parents the opportunity to have their children well cared for and at attractive, supported conditions while their parents are at work.
  • Work-life balance support: We try to support our employees as best as possible in balancing their work and private lives. As part of our "Club Lebenszeit", we offer programs to manage stress, promote work-life balance and provide support in difficult life situations.
  • Flexitime and part-time models (may vary depending on location)
  • Option to work from home up to three days per week, depending on the area of activity.
  • Remote working has become an important part of daily work at VAMED. Wherever it is possible and practical in terms of the work performed, our employees can take advantage of the opportunity to work from home. We offer this option to enable our staff to organize their working hours as flexibly as possible, use their working hours efficiently to fulfill their personal obligations, and promote an optimal work-life balance.
  • To facilitate smooth remote working, we provide our employees with the same equipment as on-site in the office. This includes a laptop, cell phone, communication tools for online meetings (MS Teams), etc. Our state-of-the-art IT landscape also enables communication and collaboration between team members in their home offices In this way, supervisors can support their teams at all times and guarantee the best possible support and advice while they are off-site.

These seals of quality distinguish VAMED as an employer