Mission statement

VAMED: Applied values are the basis of lasting success

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A strong corporate culture is a decisive factor for market success.

VAMED is committed to observing clear values and principles, which are applied by our staff and appreciated by our partners.

The result: first-class holistic health services offered worldwide.

Our mission statement

Human health and well-being is our motivation, and this motivation determines our visions and projects in constructing and managing healthcare facilities.

With full commitment and passion we reach goals together with our partners in a comprehensive and sustainable manner: because their success is also our success.

Creating value and ensuring lasting growth are cornerstones of our corporate philosophy.
Our international business portfolio that concentrates on holistic health and our effective management systems form the solid basis for our continued successful development. 

Our employees build our future and are the source of our success: With their versatility and diversity they form our corporate culture, enriched through open dialogue, varied cultural backgrounds, and mutual appreciation.

Our values, strategies, and goals come to light through our open, intensive and direct communication.

What we do and how we do it is interesting, authentic, and unique for our staff and our partners.
Appreciative, respectful, and open internal and external communication ensures the recognition of our staff's achievements. 

Our commitment to comply with ethical standards (Compliance Code) in dealing with our staff, customers, suppliers and business partners is firmly enshrined in our corporate culture.

Our principles

Our strength is in implementing our customers' and partners' projects and in turning their visions and ideas into reality.

Through solution-oriented thinking we recognize opportunities even in problem areas.

New challenges motivate us to plan and implement custom-made solutions together with our partners.

Our wide-ranging networks, our integrated, cooperative thinking skills and the forming of clusters are central ways of thinking and working in healthcare.

Many years of experience and our vast know-how ensure that all orders are fulfilled efficiently and in the best possible way, without limiting our partners' own ideas.

That is why we aim at developing partnership-based cooperations, such as public private partnerships.

A central corporate target of VAMED is to strengthen and further develop our economic basis and thus our human, technical, and creative resources.

This ensures the profitable expansion and high level of acceptance with customers and partners worldwide of the VAMED group and its individual companies.

Our cost, deadline, and quality guarantees are important conditions that we offer with conviction and implement with all our commitment. And our partners also benefit from our competencies in international financial engineering. 

This holistic and sustainable approach enables us to provide all services for planning, constructing, and efficiently operating healthcare facilities. Vis-à-vis our partners we therefore assume final responsibility, and we speak and act with one voice.