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Mission statement

VAMED: Applied values are the basis of lasting success

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A strong corporate culture is a decisive factor for market success.

VAMED is committed to observing clear values and principles, which are applied by our staff and appreciated by our partners.

The result: first-class holistic health services offered worldwide.

We are the leading international group of companies in the planning, construction and management of complex healthcare facilities, with the highest level of expertise through our many years of global experience as a partner in the public healthcare sector.

With our life cycle models, we define standards in the design, construction and efficient operation of healthcare facilities.

Because we understand health holistically, we also provide comprehensive services, from health tourism and prevention to acute treatment, nursing and rehabilitation and care for the elderly.



We combine professional consulting, project management, financial engineering and management expertise and ensure the sustainable success of our projects and partners in the healthcare sector with our commitment to quality, efficiency and reliability.

Working with our most valuable asset, health, is meaningful for the people at VAMED. Our mission statement, values and principles of action are important factors in achieving our ambitious goals and ensure the distinctiveness of our group of companies.

Our mission statement

Our actions in the field of establishing and operating health care facilities serve to maintain or restore people's well-being.

The success of our partners is also our success. We make our entire expertise available to our partners and help to ensure that goals are achieved quickly and comprehensively.

We focus on value enhancement and sustainable growth. The basis is an international and holistically health-oriented business portfolio. Effective management systems and consistent realisation of synergies secure our development.

Our employees and their cooperation across professional boundaries are the source of our success. We work together in an international network of knowledge and learning. Our corporate culture is characterised by the diversity of unique people and different cultures, open dialogue, mutual appreciation, respect, caring, clear goals and decisive leadership.

Our values, strategies, goals and risks should be comprehensible through open, intensive and direct communication. What we do and how we do it must be interesting, authentic and distinctive for employees and partners. Appreciative, respectful and open communication internally and externally ensures that the importance of our employees' achievements is recognised.

Our business principles

Our strengths lie in the implementation of projects, the realisation of ideas. We therefore think in terms of solutions and see the opportunities and possibilities even in difficult situations. We see the constantly changing framework conditions and required increases in efficiency in the health sector as an opportunity to demonstrate our competence and innovative strength and to develop models together with our partners that enable us to develop and realise customised solutions.

Our know-how serves the efficient fulfilment of orders and makes a significant contribution to cooperative partnerships.

Our overriding goal is to expand our economic foundations as well as to secure profitable expansion and thus further strengthen the human, technical and creative resources.

Our partners benefit from our schedule, cost and quality guarantees as well as the expertise in international financial engineering that we bring to the table.

Our holistic approach ensures the provision of all necessary services for the planning, construction and economic operation of healthcare facilities.