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Members of the Executive Board of VAMED AG

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CVs of the VAMED management

Klaus Schuster, M.D., MBA

Speaker of the Executive Board, VAMED AG

Klaus Schuster is responsible for VAMED Corporate Agendas, HFO – Health Facility Operations, VAMED-KMB – Krankenhausmanagement und Betriebsführungsges.m.b.H. and VAMED Vitality World.

Klaus Schuster, M.D., MBA (49) became Member and Speaker of the Executive Board of VAMED AG in July 2023. He joined VAMED in October 2020 as Chief Operating Officer of the company’s segment responsible for operational management, VMS – VAMED Management and Service GmbH.

Before joining the enterprise, he worked for CARIS Life Sciences, the Roche Pharma group and for a federal Health Agency in Austria.

Klaus Schuster combines comprehensive business know-how as a manager of hospital chains, extensive health policy experience thanks to a wide range of international activities in the medical technology and pharmaceutical sector, as well as practical clinical qualifications as a medical doctor, amongst them being a specialist in internal medicine with a fellowship in nephrology.

Schuster is married, has two children and has completed studies for a Master of Arts in classical Piano Performance.

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Frank-Michael Frede

Member of the Executive Board, VAMED AG

Frank-Michael Frede is responsible for high-end services (technical services).

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Andreas Wortmann

Member of the Executive Board, VAMED AG

Chief Financial Officer and Chief Transformation Officer

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Moritz Timothy Gärtner
Member of the Executive Board, VAMED AG

Moritz Timothy Gärtner is responsible for HTE – Health Tech Engineers.

Management of the VAMED lead companies

Management Board:

  • Moritz Timothy GÄRTNER
  • Stefan RIEBERER
  • Thomas ZANGERL

Management Board:

  • Walter TROGER
  • Stefan RIEBERER

Management Board:

  • Christian KREBS
  • Karin REST
  • Klaus SZEP

Management Board:

  • Klaus SCHUSTER, M.D.

Management Board:

  • Christian AUBERGER
  • Roland SCHMIDL