VAMED Order Volume 2015 Reaches All-Time High of € 1.65 bn – New Hospitals in China and Abu Dhabi

VAMED Jahrespressegespräch 2016 | Dr. Enst Wastler - Vorstandsvorsitzender VAMED AG
  • Turnover and earnings once more significantly increased
  • Entry into six new markets
  • Export success creates 900 new jobs

The globally active Austrian healthcare group VAMED repeatedly scored new international successes in 2015. New VAMED hospitals are being built, among others, in China and Abu Dhabi. With the additional entry into six new foreign markets, VAMED as globally leading healthcare provider could once more increase its turnover, this time by 7 % to € 1.118 bn., and operating profit (EBIT), by 8 % to € 64 mio. The number of employees increased by about 900, over 130 of which are new domestic jobs. By the end of 2015, the current order volume reached a new all-time high of € 1.65 bn.

Thus, VAMED looks to the current fiscal year with confidence.

Dr. Ernst Wastler, CEO of VAMED AG: “Despite the challenging global environment, 2015 was a very successful year for us. As an international healthcare provider, today VAMED is the leading provider of comprehensive life cycle projects in the healthcare sector. That is to say, we have the expertise and a unique range of services for planning, building and operating modern, integrated healthcare facilities over their entire life cycle. Thus, we have the solutions to meet the challenges of the future and are a sought-after partner – all over the world“.

Integrated healthcare centres to expand patient care in China and Abu Dhabi

In China, where VAMED has been active for almost 3 decades, the company launched a pioneering hospital project on Hainan Island in mid-2015. The “Hainan Unicare International Hospital” will be one of the first internationally managed hospitals in the country. In Abu Dhabi, VAMED was awarded the contract for the construction and operation of a new hospital on the Al Reem Peninsula. In the integrated healthcare centre, VAMED will combine a primary health care unit, an acute-care hospital and a rehabilitation centre under one roof. The contract has an order volume of about € 300 mio. With first orders and acquisitions, in 2015 VAMED furthermore entered the new markets of Bangladesh, Belgium, Bolivia, the Republic of the Congo, Mauritania and Tunisia.

In Germany, in 2015 the project for the new University Medical Centre Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH) was launched. With a total volume of € 1.7 bn., the contract, awarded already in 2014, is the largest PPP contract in German healthcare ever. In Austria, VAMED has completed the new construction of the Landesklinikum Neunkirchen at record speed and thus commissioned one of the first hospitals capable of covering most of their power demands from own photovoltaic and geothermal sources.

Expanded rehab programme in Austria – about 200 additional beds for aftercare

In aftercare, with the opening of the new rehabilitation hospital Enns in Upper Austria, VAMED has created another 126 beds for neurological and pulmonological rehabilitation. In Vienna, VAMED has begun expansion of the rehabilitation hospital Baumgarten. This results in 70 further beds for neurological rehabilitation becoming available at this location.

VAMED Vitality World successfully internationalised – Therme Laa going to be expanded

In domestic spa and healthcare tourism, with more than 3.1 mio. visitors to eight Austrian resorts and the largest thermal baths at Budapest, VAMED Vitality World (VVW) confirmed its clear market leadership in 2015. In its first year under the aegis of VAMED Vitality World, Aquaworld Resort Budapest recorded a significant growth in turnover and could also increase visitor numbers further.

Following the successful expansion of the SPA resort Therme Geinberg, the AQUA DOME – Tirol Therme Längenfeld and the St. Martins Therme & Lodge, last year VAMED Vitality World laid the foundation stone for the third expansion stage of the Therme Laa – Hotel & Spa. With a total investment volume of € 21 mio., in Laa on the Thaya in Lower Austria a new exclusive Silent SPA is going to be built. Thus, VAMED Vitality World further strengthens its exclusive healthcare tourism programme.

Healthcare projects implemented in 78 countries all over the world – Focus on services

Overall, VAMED has implemented more than 760 healthcare projects in 78 countries on four continents so far, 23 of them as PPP models. The service share in total turnover was further increased in 2015, to 49 %. The service business is characterised by long-term contractual agreements and contributes significantly to stable corporate development. As a technical service provider, VAMED currently serves 554 healthcare institutions with 135,000 beds; in 54 facilities, it is responsible for the overall management. In this context, VAMED employs more than 3,400 physicians, nurses and therapists whose expertise it has networked via the “International Medical Board”.

Growth in terms of all key business indicators – Already 6,000 employees in Austria

In 2015, the number of VAMED’s employees increased by a total of 900 employees, of which Austria alone accounts for more than 130. In total, VAMED thus already provides almost 6,000 domestic jobs in a meaningful and sustainable work environment. Globally and including all operations for which the company bears overall responsibility, by the end of 2015 VAMED had about 17,200 employees from 70 countries, generating a total business volume of € 1.586 bn.

In 2015, the consolidated turnover of VAMED AG rose by 7 % to € 1.118 bn. (2014: € 1.042 bn.), thus having tripled within ten years. The operating profit (EBIT) could be increased by 8 %, to € 64 mio. (2014: € 59 mio.). VAMED’s consolidated earnings of € 44 mio. (2014: € 41 mio.) exceeded those of the previous year by 7 %.

The order volume was € 1.65 bn., 18 % above that of the previous year (2014: € 1.398 bn.).
For 2016, VAMED AG expects another year of successful growth.

Overview of the key financial indicators 2015

in € mio.


± relative to previous year

Orders on hand


+ 18%

Order intake


+   8%



+   7%



+   8%

Earnings attributable to
the parent’s shareholders


+   7%


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VAMED Jahrespressegespräch 2016 | Dr. Enst Wastler - Vorstandsvorsitzender VAMED AG

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