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21.04.2022 - VAMED lays foundation for further growth with order surge and excellent result in 2021

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  • Order backlog at 3.5 billion euros (+ 14 %) and turnover at 2.3 billion euros
    (+ 11 %) at a new record level in 2021 - EBIT more than tripled year-on-year to € 101 million
  • Numerous new orders in the project and high-end services business - from Austria to Papua New Guinea
  • Expansion of the leading market position in post-acute care in Europe
  • SMAPP - For Global Health: VAMED brings high-quality healthcare to remote regions of the world with new digital healthcare platform

VAMED, the leading international healthcare provider headquartered in Vienna, has laid the economic foundation for further growth in 2021 with a surge in orders and an excellent result. VAMED received major orders for the construction of new hospitals from Austria, Germany, countries in Africa, and Papua New Guinea, among others. The number of VAMED employees increased by about 1,000 to more than 24,000.

Order book at record level - excellent annual result in 2021

Last year, VAMED's turnover increased to 2.3 billion euros (+ 11 %) and was thus once again about 100 million euros above the previous record value in 2019. VAMED's order backlog in 2021 was 3.5 billion euros (+ 14 %), incoming orders rose to 1.3 billion euros
(+ 28 %).

EBITDA amounted to € 191 million (+ 68 %), EBIT more than tripled to € 101 million compared to the previous year, despite challenging conditions.

Dr. Ernst Wastler, Chairman of the Executive Board of VAMED AG: "The worldwide COVID 19 pandemic was a major challenge for the health care industry also in 2021. Nevertheless, VAMED has kept health care facilities worldwide available without interruption and thus contributed significantly to medical supply security. Despite continuing impairments - especially in the project business and in overall operations - we were able to achieve an excellent annual result in 2021 and lay the foundation for our further growth".

Numerous new orders in the project and high-end services business - from Austria to Papua New Guinea

In Austria, VAMED 2021 was awarded the contract as general contractor for the construction of the new Wiener Neustadt regional hospital. In Germany, VAMED was awarded, among others, the contract for the turnkey construction of a hospital with around 200 beds in Öhringen near Stuttgart.

Other new VAMED orders include the construction of three hospitals in Angola, the modernisation and redesign of 20 maternity clinics in Kenya and the construction of a general hospital in Papua New Guinea.

VAMED's service business has steadily gained in importance over the past years. A trend that has continued in 2021. A central role is played here by the high-end service sector, which makes a significant contribution to the continuous availability of health care facilities and thus to medical care security. This area includes, among other things, the entire management of medical technology, all hospital operating technology, as well as IT development/equipment and sterile goods processing. In this area, VAMED was not only able to extend contracts in 2021, but also to win numerous new contracts - for example in Italy and Spain. In the United Kingdom, VAMED 2021 was commissioned to build and operate a new reprocessing facility for medical devices for the University Hospital Southampton.

Expansion of the leading market position in post-acute care in Europe

VAMED operates about 100 acute and post-acute health care facilities worldwide and holds a leading position among private rehabilitation providers in Europe, which was further expanded in 2021. In Austria, the outpatient rehabilitation offer was expanded with the opening of two new locations in Eisenstadt and Wörgl. In Switzerland, an outpatient offer went into operation at Zurich Airport. In the inpatient rehabilitation sector, there were expansions at facilities in Oberndorf near Salzburg, in Montafon and in Gars am Kamp. In Germany, the first VAMED Campus Rehab (combination of an acute hospital and a rehabilitation clinic at one location) started operations in Bleicherode in Thuringia. In the first quarter of 2022, another growth spurt was achieved in the rehabilitation segment with the acquisition of an interest in a facility in the United Kingdom and an outpatient rehabilitation facility in Germany. 

New digital health platform: SMAPP - For Global Health.

In the field of digitalisation, VAMED 2021 has developed a particularly forward-looking and innovative product: SMAPP - Smart Health Posts+App. With SMAPP, VAMED brings healthcare to regions where it has been available only to a limited extent so far. SMAPP is an intelligent combination of medical services that are physically offered in Smart Health Posts directly on site and an app that enables access to a comprehensive telemedical offer. In the process, qualified health personnel or "community health workers" provide comprehensive basic medical care on site. The telemedical health platform enables consultations with doctors of regional hospitals or with specialists of international university hospitals, which are part of the worldwide VAMED network. VAMED thus brings high-quality medical care to where it is urgently needed.

In 2021, the first SMAPPs have already been commissioned: a total of 50 Smart Health Posts+App will significantly improve healthcare for the people of Ghana in the future.

More than 1,000 health projects realised - worldwide presence further expanded

VAMED's global presence was also further expanded in 2021, so that the company is now active in 98 countries and on five continents of the world. In 2021, a total of three new markets were opened up. Worldwide, VAMED has meanwhile implemented more than 1,000 health care projects - from Vienna General Hospital to the new e-health system for Tonga.

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