UKSH lays the Cornerstone for the University Medical Center of the Future in Lübeck

UKSH Grundsteinlegung Lübeck | Versenkung der Zeitkapsel

Today, exactly one year after the contract was signed, (September 30, 2015) the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH) laid the cornerstone for the construction of the future University Medical Center in Schleswig-Holstein. 

Together with Kristin Alheit, Minister of Social Affairs, Health, Science, and Equality, and representatives of the construction consortium BAM/VAMED Prof. Dr. Jens Scholz, Chairman of the Executive Board of UKSH, lowered the time capsule containing a daily newspaper and a public document into the construction site in Lübeck and symbolically marked the beginning of one of the largest construction projects in Europe in the hospital sector.

Kristin Alheit stated:
“With this new building, Schleswig-Holstein will gain even more importance as a location for science in Northern Europe. Medical care, research, and teaching will be combined here in the most modern way.  The investments of UKSH will ensure that people throughout the whole country will have access to top-level medicine.”  

Prof. Scholz said:  
“Today we are laying the cornerstone for the largest construction project in the history of university medicine in Schleswig-Holstein.  Under the motto: “We can do it”, we’ll pull up our sleeves and grasp the historical chance to secure the highest level of medical care for our patients for the coming decades and to strengthen innovative capacity of research and teaching for the long term.  The project opens very tangible prospects of highly attractive places to work in Kiel and Lübeck for our 12,500 employees.”

This project is being implemented in a partnership with the consortium BAM/VAMED. The costs for planning and constructing the new building and renovating existing properties of the UKSH in Kiel and Lübeck amount to approximately 520 million euros.  

The overall project has a contract term of 30 years and a contract volume of approximately 1.7 billion euros and includes the continuing maintenance of properties. The goal of the construction master plan is to secure the maximum medical care for people in Schleswig-Holstein.  And along with that, the buildings required for future-oriented research and teaching will be created.

Alexander Naujoks, Chairman of the Executive Board of BAM Deutschland AG, added:  
“Medical-technical development is very rapidly expanding  – the new University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein in Lübeck provides a solid foundation.”  

BAM Deutschland has many years of experience in planning and construction, especially in the hospital sector and some examples that it constructed as turnkey projects are university hospitals in Hamburg, Heidelberg, and Ulm. Most recently in the framework of a PPP project, BAM completed the Hochtaunus Hospital in Bad Homburg according to schedule and handed it over for an operating stage of 25 years.

Gottfried Koos, Member of the Executive Board of VAMED AG, states:
“We are contributing all our experience of over 30 years in planning and constructing healthcare facilities and completing 710 projects worldwide and with that as a basis we will construct the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein of the future both in Lübeck and in Kiel. Our comprehensive know-how in technical operations of hospitals will ensure that the new constructions and renovated buildings will meet the challenges of top-notch medicine.”

The Procedure 

In 2011 the provincial parliament decided to introduce a market consultation process. In 2012 the award procedure was started in the form of a competitive dialogue on an EU level.

The key data of the procedure: Planning, constructing, and operating the properties was assigned to the private partner; ownership remains in the hands of the Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein.

The advantage is that there is a central partner responsible for planning and all construction. UKSH is providing 75 percent of the funding for this project and the private tenderer 25 percent. The Federal State is not affected directly by the funding, but only indirectly with a guarantor liability.  

In May 2014 the participants of the competitive dialogue presented their bids, which were reviewed in light of their efficiency (two-step procedure to assess the absolute and relative efficiency) and ability to fulfill the goals of the project. In addition, an external consultant of the Ministry of Finance carried out an economic feasibility study.  

In accordance with an anonymous vote in the provincial parliament on July 15, 2014 for the most suitable bidder and after a bank audit confirmed by the Board of Supervisors, the Board made its decision. Signing of the contracts took place on September 30, 2014.

The Construction Project

The existing buildings of the UKSH emerged in a span of about 100 years. For example, there are clinics, such as the ophthalmology clinic and the otolaryngology clinic in Lübeck that are housed in military hospitals from 1936. In Kiel, internal medicine is accommodated in a navy hospital built before World War II.   T

The central clinic in Lübeck was built in the 1980s. Most of the buildings can no longer operate under present optimal clinical and economic aspects and thus comprehensive reconstruction is necessary. The new medical and functional structure plan provides for centralization. For example, according to the plan, the existing pavilions will be transferred to central sites.  

The hospital in Lübeck is in the final stages of construction, and in Kiel the completion of the main central building on the so-called “Roten Platz” will also integrate existing buildings.

By shutting down buildings unsuitable for their purposes under the centralization plan, renovation costs, which had been increasing year by year, will no longer play a role. In addition to the new building constructions, alterations, reconstruction, and renovations are key components of the property project.  Following the groundbreaking of Campus Lübeck, the Campus Kiel groundbreaking will take place in winter 2015/2016.

Building Extension of the Central Hospital – Campus Lübeck

The new UKSH Campus Lübeck perfects the existing building structure and at the same time reorganizes the basic structure. The building structure will have a new entrance leading to Ratzeburger Allee with a cafeteria and pharmacy as well as a direct connection to the new parking garage, which is now under construction.  

As a result of the new construction, the present central hospital will be enlarged by means of a main building with a gross area of 65,000 square meters on six levels.

The clinics that up to the present have had temporary quarters will be integrated into the central building, including the interdisciplinary emergency admission clinic, the general surgery clinic, the urology clinic, diagnostic units, a surgery area with 20 rooms (including a hybrid OP), intensive care units (98 beds), five intermediate care wards (198 beds, mainly double rooms), as well as three optional services wards (87 beds mainly private rooms).  

A helicopter pad will be built on the roof of the new building. Campus Lübeck is planned to be completed in spring of 2017; the overall completion of the Lübeck Central Hospital is scheduled for fall of 2018. More than 200 companies, planners, and construction companies, as well as suppliers will be will be active there during the course of the whole construction and many of them will be from the construction-site region.

The excavation pit on Campus Lübeck is 78,000 m³, which corresponds to about 1,000 shipping containers. Approximately 15,000 m³ of cement will be required for the foundation. In the bare brickwork about 6,600 tons of steel will be used, which corresponds almost to the weight of the Eiffel Tower. 

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UKSH Grundsteinlegung Lübeck | Versenkung der Zeitkapsel

Together with Kristin Alheit, Minister of Social Affairs, Health, Science, and Equality, Bernd Mölle…