Reorganization of the Management Board of VAMED

28.06.2023 - Reorganization of the Executive Board of VAMED

  • Ernst Wastler will leave the VAMED Executive Board and Fresenius Management Board upon reaching retirement age on July 18, 2023
  • Klaus Schuster and Frank-Michael Frede will be appointed to the Executive Board on July 1, 2023
  • CFO Andreas Wortmann will additionally take on the role of Chief Transformation Officer
  • Gottfried Koos' Board mandate will end on June 30, 2023
  • Strengthened control function through new appointments in the reduced VAMED Supervisory Board and the establishment of an Audit Committee

VAMED, a globally leading provider of services for hospitals and other healthcare facilities, is actively continuing its renewal course. Dr. Ernst Wastler will retire as Chairman of the VAMED Management Board upon reaching retirement age on July 18, 2023. He will also no longer be a member of the Fresenius Management Board. Dr. Klaus Schuster, previously COO of VAMED Management and Service GmbH, and Frank-Michael Frede, since 2022 CEO of VAMED Deutschland Holding, will be appointed to the VAMED Management Board. Dr. Klaus Schuster will assume the new role of Spokesman of the VAMED Executive Board.

Dr. Ernst Wastler has shaped the company for almost four decades, 25 of them as a member of the Executive Board and 22 as Chairman of the Executive Board of VAMED AG, and served as a member of the Management Board of Fresenius for 15 years.

"We thank Dr. Wastler for his impressive life's work and his tireless commitment to VAMED and the well-being of its staff. Under his leadership, the company has continuously grown and has become an innovative and recognized player in the healthcare industry," said Dr. Dieter Schenk, Chairman of the VAMED Supervisory Board. "VAMED faces significant challenges. The company needs profound changes to be future-ready. With Dr. Schuster and Mr. Frede, we have been able to recruit experienced managers from within VAMED’s own ranks for the board. They know the business, the markets, and the major challenges," continued Schenk. Andreas Wortmann, Chief Financial Officer, will additionally take on the newly created role of Chief Transformation Officer.

Gottfried Koos (67) board mandate will end on June 30, 2023. He will provide advisory support to VAMED until the end of the year.

The four-member VAMED Executive Board will now consist of Dr. Klaus Schuster (Spokesman), Frank-Michael Frede, and the current board members Andrea Raffaseder and Andreas Wortmann.

Dr. Klaus Schuster joined VAMED Management and Service GmbH as Chief Operating Officer (COO) in 2020. Prior to that, the native Austrian held various management positions at Health Care Planning EU, Caris Life Sciences, and Roche. Schuster is a medical doctor and worked as a physician at Landesklinikum St. Pölten for ten years. He studied and obtained his doctorate at the Medical University of Vienna and holds an MBA in Health Care Administration from Danube University Krems.

Frank-Michael Frede has been the CEO of VAMED Deutschland Holding since 2022. Previously, he was the CEO of procuratio GmbH and served as CEO at VAMED Germany from 2005 to 2018. Frede also served on the supervisory board of Charité Facility Management GmbH for several years. He studied law at the University of Potsdam.

There are also changes in the VAMED Supervisory Board, whereby its control function will be sustainably strengthened. Firstly, it will be reduced from eight to six members. Commercial Councillor Karl Samstag, previously Deputy Chairman of the VAMED AG Supervisory Board and retired CEO of Austria Creditanstalt AG, as well as Dr. Robert Hink, former Secretary General of the Austrian Association of Municipalities, will resign from their positions with effect from the date of the next ordinary Supervisory Board meeting on July 12, 2023.

Dr. Dieter Schenk, Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Fresenius Management SE, will continue to lead the VAMED Supervisory Board. Sara Hennicken, CFO of Fresenius and a member of the VAMED Supervisory Board since December 2022, will remain a member of this board and is due be elected Deputy Chairman. Andreas Schmidradner, Advisor to the Management Board of B&C Industrieholding GmbH, will also continue to be a member of the Supervisory Board. Dr. Michael Moser, a future member of the Fresenius Management Board, was newly elected to the VAMED Supervisory Board with effect from July 12, 2023. Together with two employee representatives, Sara Hennicken, Dr. Dieter Schenk, Andreas Schmidradner and Dr. Michael Moser will form the six-member VAMED Supervisory Board going forward. In addition, an audit committee consisting of Sara Hennicken as Chair, Michael Moser as Deputy Chair, and potentially one employee representative is to be established.