VAMED education and training

VAMED education and training programs aim to address the need for qualified personnel, especially those with specialized expertise, such as in rehabilitation, medical imaging, maternal and neonatal care or in hospital management, just to name a few. Most programs are comprised of short courses that take place over a few days to several weeks, taught by experts from VAMED or its international partner network. To determine the current and long-term needs of each client, and thus which programs are needed, an on-the-ground assessment is carried out, allowing VAMED to offer an optimum education and training package.

Besides short clinical and technical training, VAMED offers highly practice-oriented programs in the form of observerships and mentoring. Observerships, taking place at a VAMED facility or at one of the hospitals/clinics of the VAMED international partner network, are programs that allow healthcare professionals to observe the most up-to-date procedures and learn specific skills. Mentoring programs feature experts from VAMED or one of the hospitals and clinics of its international partner network who observe healthcare professionals in their daily work and offer feedback to improve their knowledge and skills. The complete VAMED Education and Training Catalogue can be downloaded in EnglishFrenchSpanish, Portuguese or Russian.