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According to a 2015 World Health Organization estimate, the world needs more than 7 million additional skilled health professionals, especially given the acute shortages in Latin America, Southeast Asia and Africa. To fill this large gap in qualified healthcare professionals, VAMED began offering education and training programs in 2014 in countries throughout the world, especially developing countries. Since then, VAMED has carried out such programs in China, Gabon, Kenya, Malaysia, Mongolia and the UK. 

VAMED programs aim to strengthen the know-how of healthcare professionals at all levels, from basic to management, and for all professional groups: doctors, nurses and physiotherapists, as well as managers, technicians and other non-clinical staff. VAMED’s strength in this field lies in its hands-on experience of over 30 years, covering the entire lifecycle of healthcare facilities, as well as its international partner network, which is the source for the programs’ trainers and lecturers. Comprised of top academics, practitioners and executives in all healthcare fields, this network ensures that the knowledge and skills each program participant gains enables them to deliver high-quality health services and thus saves lives.

One of VAMED’s new initiatives is the establishment of a training center to train a country’s healthcare workforce in the areas where know-how is lacking. Through close cooperation with local stakeholders and a local university, a training center aims to provide a sustainable training framework to ensure a continuous supply of qualified healthcare professionals for the country’s healthcare sector.

More general information on VAMED education and training programs can be found in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese. The complete VAMED Education and Training Catalogue can be downloaded in EnglishFrenchSpanish, Portuguese or Russian.


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