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Kiel: UKSH Hospital Center opened

Kiel: UKSH Hospital Center opened

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Historical milestone at the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH): The hospital of the future commenced its operations at Campus Kiel with a ceremony and an open day on Friday, August 16th, 2019. More than 5000 guests and visitors, including 700 public figures, gained an impression of the new central hospital building. In the presence of Wolfgang Kubicki, Vice President of the German Federal Parliament, the Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein, Daniel Günther, together with Prof. Dr. Jens Scholz, Chairman of the Board of the UKSH, and the Lord Mayor of Kiel, Dr. Ulf Kämpfer, opened one of the most modern medical centers in Europe. The ceremony was accompanied musically by the duo “Runge & Ammon” of the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival and the singer Sarah Connor.

The new six-floor building is the future hub of the university’s maximum care at Campus Kiel. In order to be able to effectively diagnose and treat increasingly complex conditions, in the new building the disciplines that belong together for patient care are moving together into immediate proximity.

“The opening of this impressive new hospital building in Kiel marks the beginning of a new era for university medicine in Schleswig-Holstein. An excellent infrastructure has been created that enables the UKSH doctors to continue providing their patients with excellent medical care in the future as well,” said Prime Minister Daniel Günther. “At the same time, this opens up new perspectives for the innovative research and teaching at our universities. I am therefore delighted that the opening at Campus Lübeck will follow in November.”

“With the new building, an outstanding center of modern medicine has been created by the sea, which sets new standards in urban development as well,” said Dr. Ulf Kämpfer. “I am very pleased that Kiel will thus remain a place of top-class medicine and research in the future."

“With an outstanding team, we have mastered a tremendous challenge,” said Prof. Dr. Jens Scholz: “After only four years, the vision of an interdisciplinary and digitalized hospital has now become reality.” Patients encounter an architectural atmosphere supporting recovery processes, optimally short paths to diagnostics and therapy, innovative service technology, and a high level of comfort. Prof. Scholz thanked the employees of the UKSH for their enormous efforts, the patients for their even increased acceptance, and the companies involved in the construction for their high commitment, as well as the state of Schleswig-Holstein and the city of Kiel.

The UKSH is the largest university hospital in the north and the only maximum-care hospital in Schleswig-Holstein. In 2015, the UKSH, in a public-private partnership with its real estate partner BAM/VAMED, had begun centralizing 21 medical departments at Campus Kiel and 20 at Campus Lübeck. From August 22nd to 25th, 2019, 13 departments will move into the new building at Campus Kiel – without interrupting clinic operations. The existing buildings at Campus Kiel will be renovated and restructured by 2022. The total investment costs for the unit opened today amount to € 321 mio. for construction, equipment and IT.

The new UKSH building in Kiel comprises 64,000 square meters (≈ 689,000 sq.ft.) of floor space, an area equivalent in size to about ten soccer pitches. In addition, there are some 20,000 square meters (≈ 215,000 sq.ft.) of conversion space, 6,500 square meters (≈ 70,000 sq.ft.) of partial refurbishment space, and over 18,000 square meters (≈ 194,000 sq.ft.) of renovation space. In total, Campus Kiel was and is being structurally renovated on 109,000 square meters (≈ 27 acres). The area is almost twice as large as the castle of Versailles. The new central hospital building was built from 46,000 cubic meters of concrete. The same amount was needed for the Empire State Building. At Campus Lübeck, new buildings of similar dimensions are being built, rebuilt, renovated, and refurbished.

The basis for the structural renewal of the UKSH is a medical structure concept that has analyzed the health development of the population over the coming decades. Forecasts and capacity calculations take demographic change and medical progress into account. The guiding principle of future university medicine is maximum efficiency in harmony with the best standard for patients and staff. In the new buildings, important functions of healthcare are therefore brought together, and medically and economically expedient sizes and workflows thus created. Employees have contributed their expertise in medical maximum care directly to the planning process: Countless doctors, nurses, therapists, service personnel, administrative staff, and employee committees have continuously discussed and optimized the plans for their future workplaces in more than 1,000 meetings.

  1. Innovations for more comfort

The new buildings of the UKSH bring about game-changing innovations and advantages for patients and their family members. Thus, there are exclusively single and double rooms, plus a new catering system on the wards with a wide range of foods on offer. Wherever family members have access, they will find pleasant lounges.

In the new building, the UKSH is deliberately relying on the possibilities of digitalization in order to relieve doctors and nursing staff of routine tasks and thus increase the success of treatment. Digital patient services furthermore mean increased convenience for patients. At self-check-in terminals in the reception areas of the hospital, patients can register and scan documents or consents. Returning patients identify themselves there with their health card and receive a call number. Initial admissions are identified at the self-check-in terminal and routed to the central patient admission for completion of their administrative data.

Digitalization continues in the sickroom. Patients have access to TV, internet, e-papers, and films via an LCD screen at the bedside. In addition, they can complete treatment-related questionnaires or a pain diary, and take part in anonymous satisfaction surveys. Clinical staff are supported by so-called bedside terminals during mobile rounds, which enable them to call up findings and discuss treatment with the patient. The UKSH is the first German hospital to offer an electronic healthcare account that is independent of health insurance providers, free of charge and lifelong, enabling exchange of data between doctors, hospitals, or therapists. Each patient can conveniently access his or her data in the electronic archive from any location.

Many innovations are taking place behind the scenes. The automated unit dose system is already in operation. It ensures that all drugs are compiled individually by the dispensary for each patient, packaged, and delivered directly to the wards. The connection of the system to a prescription software checks the medication plan for interactions. In the reprocessing unit for medical devices, the UKSH relies on fully automated warehousing in sterilization – a worldwide novelty that is otherwise available only in Denmark. Risk minimization is likewise the objective of tracking-based services, which allow patients to move freely within the hospital buildings with permanent monitoring of vital data. In case of an emergency, the patient can be located exactly. Such tracking is also used for the automated transport of goods or the cleaning of the station beds.

  • The relocation at Campus Kiel

From August 22nd to 25th, 2019, 13 departments will move into the new building during ongoing operations. For this reason, the UKSH will be in dual-track operation on the weekend of the relocation: In this manner, patients can be treated and children born concomitantly in the old and in the new building. Relocation of a hospital center of this size is a logistical challenge. For each clinical domain, the complex processes during the move were simulated in theory and planned in detail. Employees in the medical and nursing fields have familiarized themselves with the workflows in the new building in workshops and on model wards already completed. The success of the relocation concept was demonstrated already by the move of the Interdisciplinary Emergency Room on April 02nd, 2019, also during ongoing operations.

In Kiel and Lübeck, the university hospital of the future is going to be built by 2021: The two sites of the only maximum-care hospital in Schleswig-Holstein are being comprehensively modernized to meet the high demands for patient care, research and teaching. The aim is to create maximum efficiency and exploit expansion potentials in order to offer patients and employees the best standard. After an award procedure taking two years, the University Hospital of Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH) entrusted the consortium consisting of VAMED and BAM with the challenging project, which is being implemented in the form of a public-private partnership. D

6 years of construction and 30 years of technical operations 

Some € 520 mio. will be invested into the planning and construction of new buildings, the implementation of conversions, and the refurbishment of existing buildings. The total volume of the project is € 1.7 bn. This also includes technical operations management including reinvestments up to the year 2044.

Centralization allows more efficiency and short distances

The new medical and structural-functional concept provides for centralization. For example, existing pavilion structures are transformed into central complexes. In Lübeck, the final expansion of the Hospital Center is taking place, and in Kiel a central complex will be built on the so-called Red Square, into which existing buildings will also be integrated. In addition to the new buildings, the project also includes extensive conversions, refurbishments and renovations.

Construction performances

  • Preparation of space allocation plan, operations and logistics concept
  • New construction of 120,000 m² (≈ 1,291,000 sq.ft.) of net floor area
  • Modernization of approx. 120,000 m² (≈ 1,291,000 sq.ft.) of net floor area
  • New construction of 26 operating theaters, renovation of 16 operating theaters
  • New construction of 2 central sterilization departments (approx. 200,000 STUs)
  • Funding
  • Start of construction: 2015 / expected completion: 2021

Technical operations management performances

  • Technical commissioning
  • Implementation of the IT systems
  • Commercial, technical and infrastructural facility management until 2044
  • Operating charge including reinvestments
  • Guaranteed quality (agreed service levels)


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