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The Provincial Hospital Neunkirchen Relies on VAMED once again - Successfully

“Competence and a Sense of Humanity” is the motto of the Provincial Hospital Neunkirchen under which its numerous patients receive care and treatment.

As technical services provider of the Provincial Hospital Neunkirchen, VAMED has played a role since 2008 – with quality, know-how, cost efficiency, flexibility, and reliability.

That has made a lasting impression. And thus in the construction of this new, highly modern provincial hospital, VAMED was commissioned as technical services provider for its overall implementation: with the planning, construction, and the commissioning phases of the new construction, with relocation management – and not least with numerous technical services. 

The results? They are more than presentable!
For example, deep heat: one of the largest geothermal facilities in Austria contributes about 60% of the heating energy and 90% of the cooling energy to the hospital’s total requirements.  

Or solar energy: a photovoltaic system provides 61,500 kWh/a for the hospital’s own use.

Thus the Provincial Hospital Neunkirchen increases its energy efficiency of buildings and technical facilities, makes a valuable contribution to environmental protection, and profits from an efficient operational management on a sustainable basis. In addition, the management, control, and servicing expertise of VAMED ensures that downtimes of technical devices and facilities are reduced to a minimum. So, once again, the quality of work of the hospital employees and the well-being of the patients are increased.

And that feels good!


LK Neunkirchen

  • Technical management
  • Maintenance of technical installations  
  • External services and maintenance management of hospital installations including repair
  • Management of medical technology
  • Support of cleaning services
  • Quality control for the entire range of technical and infrastructure services
  • Ventilation total flow rate 280,000 m3/h
  • Total cooling capacity 2,200 KW
  • Heating capacity 2,850 KW
  • 180 cooling ceilings 5,500 m² (approx. one soccer field)
  • Floor heating / cooling 20,000 m2
  • Shading elements approx. 1,500 units

General data:

  • Base area 46,800 m2
  • Usable floor area 20,954 m2
  • Capacity 367 beds
  • Facilities 5 operating rooms
  • Energy Geothermal system with...
        ... 1.9 MW Photovoltaic
        ... 61,500 kW
        ... more than 80% LED illumination
  • Orthopedics
  • Psychiatry
  • Gynecology / obstetrics
  • Internal medicine
  • Surgery
  • Anesthesia and intensive-care medicine

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Press contact

Prok. Mag. Ludwig BICHLER, EMBA Corporate Spokesman

Sterngasse 5 1230 Vienna, Austria +43 1 60 127 610

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