The International Medical Board of VAMED

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VAMED currently employs more than 650 physicians in the areas of acute care, rehabilitation and treatment at its facilities in Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Serbia. To facilitate the exchange of this important medical expertise, the IMB - International Medical Board - was founded in the summer of 2013.

The aim of the IMB is, inter alia, to promote the exchange of experience and expertise, to evaluate medical innovations from research and cutting-edge medicine for VAMED health care facilities, to establish standards for quality assurance and to implement resource planning. To achieve these goals, interdisciplinary specialty groups were established, which work in-depth on the individual strategic tasks in each of their specialties, and advise VAMED management regarding relevant medical and medical-structural issues. The IMB operates across all regions of these countries.

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Press contact

Prok. Mag. Ludwig BICHLER, EMBA Corporate Spokesman

Sterngasse 5 1230 Vienna, Austria +43 1 60 127 610

International Medical Board