VAMED Management Club Jahresevent  | Kernteam 2018

HCM Program

Personalities are responsible for the success of VAMED

VAMED Management Club Jahresevent  | Kernteam 2018

The “Human Capital Management” Development Program for VAMED Talents

A company’s most important assets are its employees. Therefore we rely on a program to promote talents in the VAMED group: the Human Capital Management program (HCM). Thus the success of VAMED as an international healthcare service provider is guaranteed in the future as well.

As a leading international healthcare service provider, VAMED relies on competent managers and experts as the key to success. To identify and promote top performers, in 2004 VAMED’s Human Capital Management program was launched. Every year, about 10–12 of all nominated potentials participate in this program and receive individual and collective support and development activities on their way to the next career step.

For good reason: VAMED’s expertise is very comprehensive and industry-specific. However, for this reason often it is also a challenging experience process to mature for senior management tasks in our group. Implementation of all measures ensures that personal and cross-team potentials are fully exploited, and staff become responsible leaders within the VAMED group. 

The VAMED Management Club

As an extension of the HCM program, in 2009 the VAMED Management Club was launched. It serves as an inspiring networking platform for all the participants in the HCM development program and for the VAMED decision makers. Through personal exchange of experience, promotion of social-emotional factors of personality development, discussion of current substantive issues and transfer of knowledge, the international success of the VAMED group of companies is ensured in the future as well.

The HCM Core Team

The HCM Core Team creates the annual program of the VMC in the form of interesting events that promote the exchange. The Core Team proactively also extends its invitations to these events time and again.

The HCM Annual Event

Once a year the VAMED Management Club hosts a special event, for which an excellent speaker could be enlisted for a keynote speech every time. The speakers are characterized by widely differing biographies; what they all share is a prominent position in their respective fields.

The Annual Event in 2018

"This is how we work in the year 2030" was the motto of the annual event of the VAMED Management Club, which took place in June 2018 in the Apothecary's Wing in Schloß Schönbrunn. The event was organized by this year’s HCM Core Team.

After the official words and welcome by VAMED’s CEO Dr. Wastler, the guest lecture was given by the German futurologist Sven Gábor Jánszky, chairman of the trend research institute 2b AHEAD.

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VAMED Management Club Jahresevent  | Kernteam 2018

The Core Team 2018 with CEO Dr. Wastler