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Excellent Performance of VAMED KMB!

VKMB EFQM Gewinner 2015.jpg

Health is one’s most valuable possession. Well aware of this responsibility, VAMED KMB is in charge of the technical operation of the Vienna General Hospital.

According to the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) VAMED is so reliable in this function that in the end VAMED KMB was the sole Excellence Award Prize Winner 2015 in the category “adding value for customers”. 

In this connection the added value for customers is very clear: sustainable, top-level medical care for all patients.

That sounds so simple and concise, but the logistical challenges posed are extremely demanding: Vienna General Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in Europe with a net floor area of more than 900,000 m2, approximately 2,000 beds, as well as 50,000 medical technical devices and 20,000 other hospital installations.

In the hospital, incubators and patient monitoring systems must run exactly as smoothly as the automatic container transport system with a track length of 7.5 kilometers and 95 tons of transported goods on a daily basis. 

These are dimensions within which VAMED KGB functions exceptionally well and underscores the lasting effects of its internally practiced standards. According to Dr. Ernst Wastler, Chairman of the Executive Board of VAMED AG: “It is essential for a company like VAMED, which dedicates itself solely to healthcare, to offer a high degree of quality that is a benchmark in European comparison.”  

What Exactly is EFQM?

Die European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) is a charitable global non-profit foundation based in Brussels. It supports more than 30,000 companies and organizations focused on putting their goals of excellent quality into effect. It manages and circulates the EFQM Business Excellence Model.  

Additionally, it annually awards the highly coveted EGQM Excellence Award. The EFQM was founded in 1988 as a foundation with the support of the European Union. Boasting about 500 members in more than 55 countries and 50 economic sectors, the EFQM is a unique platform that aids members in learning from one another and enhancing their performance.

The EFQM Excellence Model as Part of the Contract with the City of Vienna

VAMED KMB is fully committed to continuity and sustainability in the Vienna healthcare sector – and for that reason has fully embedded the EFQM Excellence Model in its contract with the City of Vienna. High quality standards are binding, and the effect of numerous process optimizations and expanding medical services prove very beneficial.  

For example since 2010 a child surgery center, a newly renovated neonatology, and a new palliative station have opened their doors. These are only a few examples of sustainable results of the long-term partnership between VAMED KMB and the City of Vienna. 

Additional Awards for VAMED KMB

VAMED KMB has been applying the Business Excellence Model of EFQM since 2003. From 2010 to 2013, VAMED was honored as prize winner three times: 2010 in the category “succeeding through the talent of people”, in 2012 in the category “creativity and innovation”, in 2013 “succeeding through the talent of people”.

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VKMB EFQM Gwinner 2015 (2).jpg

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