Lukas: Found his dream job thanks to “Kompass”

Lukas mit "Kompass" zum Traumjob | © Caritas

Lukas Muther is 18 years old and has been working at Rehabilitation Hospital Montafon for one year. He has always wanted to work in the healthcare sector – the training project “Kompass” of Caritas Vorarlberg has made his dream come true.

Every working day, the young man from Nüziders comes in a good mood to his workplace at the rehabilitation Hospital Montafon, one of a total of 15 rehabilitation centers of the international healthcare provider VAMED. Working clothes, a nametag and his own instruments are an integral part of his daily work. The young man spends some 20 hours per week at his integrative workplace, and he does so with great enthusiasm. “I like being with people. And since I have suffered quite a lot myself in terms of health, I have always wanted to work in this area. At first it felt a little weird not to be in the workshop any more, but now I think it’s really good, and I have quite a lot to do”, Lukas says. And the answer to the question for his tasks is quite a long list: “I have to tidy the grounds, take care of the tea station and library and clean tables, and perhaps I may compile the patient folders soon”, Lukas continued.


Care and support

The young man is supported not only by Kompass job coach Sabrina Berchtel, but also by his internal mentor, deputy nursing manager Marco Beyweiss: “In the beginning, insecurity was large on all sides, and yet we wanted to take the plunge at the rehabilitation hospital. I like to accompany Lukas, and by now he does his work quickly and reliably and is very well liked by all the staff and patients.” As part of the Kompass qualification project for school leavers with special needs, Lukas was optimally prepared for his future work: “As it had always been clear for Lukas that he would like to work in the healthcare field, we were very grateful for the opportunity of a taster day at the rehab hospital. This developed into a one-month internship and finally permanent employment. As Lukas lives in Nüziders, we completed a two-week mobility training with him, and since then he has been going by bus or train to work and back home”, said Marina Zugg, head of “Kompass”.  


A win-win situation

Ulf May, Administrative Director of the Rehabilitation Hospital Montafon, is likewise convinced that this was the right decision to take: “In our house, Lukas has an absolutely normal workplace, which we did not have to create specially for him. All his activities are about things that need to be done, and he works with great enthusiasm. For us he is an ordinary employee with employee interviews and invitation to the Christmas party, and this year he participated in our team at ‘Bludenz Running’ as well”, says Ulf May. “I would like to encourage all businesses to open up to this subject and not to be scared. It is a really good thing, and if the future employee is motivated, the company supportive, and the contact to Caritas also present, everybody will benefit. The risk is not higher than that of a ‘normal’ workplace, but the payoff for all is enormous”, Ulf May is convinced.

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Lukas mit "Kompass" zum Traumjob | © Caritas

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