Rehabilitation Clinic Dussnang Opens the New Rehabilitation Building “Tolenberg”

Christian Neuweiler, Gemeindepräsident Willi Nägeli, Hans-Peter Schwald, Dr. Andreas Roos, Evelyne Wirz, Dr. Susanna Schuppisser, Dr. Jakob Stark, Dr. Wastler, Mag. Koos, Ing. Walter Troger (v.l.n.r.)

Rehabilitation Clinic Dussnang Opens the New Rehabilitation Building “Tolenberg”

On August 24th, 2018, the Rehabilitation Clinic Dussnang opened the new hospital building “Tolenberg” in the presence of numerous guests, friends and partners from the industry. The transformation from a spa house to a rehabilitation clinic thus came to a ceremonial conclusion. The new building impresses with 54 large and modern rooms as well as ultramodern medical equipment at the highest level.

The Rehabilitation Clinic Dussnang celebrated the opening of its new building “Tolenberg” with a symposium for experts, an opening event, and an “Open Day” for the people of Dussnang. After only 15 months of construction, it had been possible to commission the part of the building erected by VAMED within the agreed cost and time frame already in mid-July.

The opening ceremony was attended by the CEO of VAMED AG, Dr. Ernst Wastler, the Supervisory Board, and the company management of the Rehabilitation Clinic Dussnang, as well as by guests from politics, the media, and the Swiss healthcare system, who congratulated the responsible managers in their speeches on the successful expansion of the clinic.

Thanks to the new building, the Rehabilitation Clinic Dussnang now has state-of-the-art equipment and can thus optimally implement the performance mandate for geriatric rehabilitation, in addition to orthopedic rehabilitation.

The new building “Tolenberg”, named after Dussnang’s landmark mountain, was built to meet the Minergie standard* and comprises 54 modern and cozy patient rooms on the three upper floors. The single and double rooms all have an extremely advanced infrastructure, including oxygen connections and patient monitoring systems. With these prerequisites, the requirements for geriatric rehabilitation in particular can be optimally fulfilled, and at the same time the needs of referring physicians and patients can be met in a flexible manner. 

(*Minergie is a Swiss construction standard for new and retrofitted buildings. These are characterized by very low energy requirements and maximum utilization of renewable energies.)

A new therapy center with 12 treatment rooms for physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy has been created on the ground floor of the new building. As a special highlight, a robotics room as well as a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom with washing machine have been set up – solely for therapeutic purposes.

Each of the three upper floors has an additional ward room and a dining and meeting area. On the ground floor, there are now a spacious visitor lounge and a waiting room. In order to avoid unnecessarily long ways, the new building is connected to the old building of the clinic on two floors.

In a next step, the patient rooms in the old building are going to be modernized. So far, some CHF 31 million have been invested into the new wing, into the refurbishment of the existing clinic and into the upgrading of the equipment.

In his opening address, CEO Dr. Ernst Wastler summarized the importance of the Swiss healthcare facilities for the VAMED Group: “In Switzerland, VAMED now covers all major rehabilitation fields for adults with its three rehabilitation clinics: From cardiovascular, oncological and psychosomatic rehabilitation in Seewis through the highly specialized treatment of neurological conditions in Zihlschlacht to orthopedic and now also geriatric rehabilitation in Dussnang.”

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