The la pura women’s health resort in Gars am Kamp is expanding its esthetic medicine sector

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Gars am Kamp – Since the summer of 2016, Dr. Barbara Gebhard (49) has been the new medical director of the la pura women’s health resort, Europe’s only health resort exclusively for women, in Gars am Kamp. As a specialist in general surgery and in plastic, esthetic, and reconstructive surgery, she has many years of national and international experience in female-specific health issues. She specializes in the field of breast health, but also in esthetic medicine and surgery.

Thus, the la pura provides for the logical extension of the existing range of activities by new esthetic medical services. The focus remains on the competence of the women’s health resort in providing individual support for preservation and improvement of female health, where the la pura has built up a unique position in Europe. Apart from the priority issues of multiple stress and nutrition and weight regulation, Dr. Gebhard wants to emphasize the field of anti-aging more. This is on the one hand about therapies for maintaining physical and mental fitness and about accompanying hormonally induced changes, on the other about minimally invasive treatments or surgical procedures such as eyelid corrections, face-lifts, liposuction, and fat transfer to the face or chest. Whereby the la pura fulfills the request of many guests for services in esthetic medicine.

The la pura’s competent partner is the Medical University Vienna with Univ.-Prof. Dr. Alexandra Kautzky-Willer, holder of the chair of the Institute of Gender Medicine there and specialist in internal medicine, who provides her valuable expertise to the la pura. The interdisciplinary medical team, who individually take their time for each woman, are likewise trained in specifically female issues: Dr. Alex Witasek as general practitioner and president of the international F. X. Mayr Gesellschaft, Dr. Manfred Zauner as general practitioner and specialist in acupuncture, manual medicine, osteopathy and TCM, F.-X.-Mayr practitioner and specialist in nutritional medicine and food intolerances, and Prof. Richard Crevenna, specialist in physical medicine, rehabilitation and pain management. He runs the la pura Outpatient Hospital for Physical Medicine. This team is supported by specifically trained therapists – for timesaving medical consultation and treatment in a quiet place that is suitable as a refuge for women. The la pura has been deliberately built amidst the pure nature of the Kamptal, yet still just a one-hour drive from Vienna.

With its appropriate feminine-warm ambience, the house, operated by the leading international healthcare provider VAMED, has been supporting women in major health concerns since 2011, exclusively and individually, according to the findings of gender medicine in preventive healthcare and strengthening of vital energy, but also in regulating weight and in anti-aging. In addition, there are a range of of sports and wellness offers specially tailored to women, and the GourMed Cuisine that addresses incompatibilities such as diets and teaches (in courses) a healthy cuisine that simultaneously pleases the palate. For the la pura is not only a health resort, but also a lifestyle hotel with spa, wellness and creative offerings – a fountain of youth for the modern woman who confidently looks not only after others but also herself.


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VAMED |la pura | Dr. Barbara Gebhard

VAMED | la pura | Dr. Barbara Gebhard

VAMED | la pura | Eingangsbereich

VAMED | la pura | Eingangsbereich