International quality pioneer in two categories simultaneously at the EFQM Global Excellence Award

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Double International Award for Technical Operator of Vienna General Hospital

VAMED-KMB – international quality pioneer in two categories simultaneously at the EFQM Global Excellence Award

VAMED-KMB, a subsidiary of VAMED and technical operator of the Vienna General Hospital, is one of the big winners at this year’s Global Excellence Award. The prize is awarded to the best companies in the world for their exemplary role in quality management. It was already the fifth time that VAMED-KMB was honored by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). Here the EFQM recognized VAMED-KMB in two categories at the same time, namely: “Creativity and Innovation” and “Success through the Employees’ Talent”. The prizes were ceremoniously presented on Thursday night at Vienna’s Sophiensäle.

In the context of this year’s competition, a team of seven international experts put VAMED-KMB to the acid test for about 750 hours and also interviewed the customers in detail. The EFQM had already recognized VAMED-KMB in 2010 and 2013 in the category “Success through Employees”, in 2012 for “Creativity and Innovation”, and in 2015 as “Creating Customer Benefit”.

Modernization of the Vienna General Hospital– Successful Innovation Management

Since the opening of the new Vienna General Hospital, VAMED-KMB has been providing the technical basis for uninterrupted hospital operations, thus making a significant contribution to the sustainable best-in-class medical care of patients. “Thanks to our many years of experience, we can effectively support the Vienna General Hospital in the upcoming modernization. We are extremely pleased that the EFQM jury appreciates this unique selling point,” explained VAMED-KMB’s Managing Directors, Mag. Kai Ostermann, MBA, and

KommR Otto Müller.

According to the EFQM jury, VAMED-KMB, “in cooperation with the Vienna General Hospital, has shown acumen in developing a joint innovation management approach” and possesses “an effective and efficient value creation chain, strengthened by a teamwork-driven culture of improvement that enables it to respond to the needs of customers even in complex contexts.” And further on: “The employees strongly identify with the company and its tasks in order to support smooth patient care. The guiding principle ‘excellence by people for people’ is being lived and felt throughout the company.”

Reconstruction and expansion without interrupting ongoing hospital operations

The facility management of the General Hospital of the City of Vienna – Medical University Campus, which is, with about 1,800 beds, 20,000 HVACR elements and 50,000 medical engineering components, one of the largest hospitals in Europe, is a great responsibility and constitutes a major logistical challenge. VAMED-KMB is committed to the highest quality and has even integrated the EFQM Excellence Model into its contract with the City of Vienna, contracting party of the Vienna General Hospital.

In addition, VAMED-KMB implements conversions, additions and new constructions while the hospital is in operation. Since 2010, a pediatric surgery center, a renovated neonatology unit, a new palliative ward and a new core laboratory have thus been added to the Vienna General Hospital. In addition, the entire fire alarm and hot water, steam and compressed air generation systems were upgraded, and the control system for the power supply was refurbished. In 2017, VAMED-KMB implemented one of the world’s most modern hybrid operating theaters, in which both minimally-invasive cardiac catheterization and cardiac surgery can be performed, and cardiologists and cardiac surgeons work side by side.


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