SILENT SPA to open

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SILENT SPA to open

SILENT SPA – First Premium Day SPA Resort of Austria to Open in Laa an der Thaya – The Largest Tourism Project in Lower Austria

  • VAMED Vitality World expands its successful premium range of offerings with its own resort
  • Governor Dr. Erwin Pröll: “A key project for high-quality tourism in the Weinviertel”
  • VAMED’s CEO Dr. Ernst Wastler: “In a successful competence partnership, with the new SILENT SPA we put Lower Austrian health tourism on a sustainable course to success.”With its premium health tourism offering, the SILENT SPA is the first of its kind in Austria. VAMED Vitality World thus specifically addresses people who deliberately seek a full day of timeout and slowing down. The center of the SILENT SPA, consisting of four ellipses, is dominated by a ten-meter tower in historical ornament style. Around the tower, walk-in water worlds of two thermal and brine pools, cascading fountains, relaxation areas and reflecting pools, an exclusive sauna and treatment area and a new restaurant form a spaciously designed retreat. Here 160 guests can recharge their batteries and find relaxation.Dr. Ernst Wastler, CEO of VAMED AG: “Lower Austria and the VAMED are connected by decades of competence partnership, ranging from prevention through acute-care hospitals to rehabilitation. VAMED as a leading global healthcare provider is a pioneer in developing new future-oriented healthcare services, and with VAMED Vitality World at the same time the largest domestic operator of spa and health resorts. With the SILENT SPA, we are now taking Lower Austrian health tourism to a new trending dimension. VAMED Vitality World is thus expanding its range with its first Day SPA Resort, dedicated exclusively to the premium segment. In the construction work, 76 percent of the created value have remained in Lower Austria.”The cooperation of VAMED with the country of Lower Austria has developed Laa an der Thaya into a unique tourist destination. Guests can now choose freely – from the day spa through the sauna and diverse treatment offerings of the Therme Laa up to the SILENT SPA. Mayor Brigitte Ribisch expects the SILENT SPA to provide further momentum: “With our new health tourism landmark, we will now attract even more people with sophisticated demands from Austria and other countries to our beautiful city and the region around Laa.”Gerhard Gucher, Councilor of Commerce and Director of VAMED Vitality World: “With the SILENT SPA, we have now for the first time devoted a house of its own to the premium segment and thus further developed our unique range. People have always been searching and creating places where they can come to rest. Places to find their own true self. To this end, we have reinvented wellness and given it a new health-promoting perspective. At the SILENT SPA, our guests should feel more relaxed and find peace and inner calm more quickly than at any other place in Austria.”The SILENT SPA focuses on the contemplative power of silence, as it is known, among other things, from meditation, and special points of contact with the soothing power of water. In addition, VAMED Vitality World has developed a new digital service concept for the premium guests at SILENT SPA. Guests can book from home their own personal sun lounger via the Internet, and they can surf, order online, listen to music, read or watch movies on site from the lounger via the tablet provided by the house.
  • SERVICE – water world, sauna world and children’s world of Therme Laa are open every day from 09:00 to 22:00 o’clock. The new SILENT SPA is open for guests over 16 years every day from 09:00 to 22:00 o’clock. For more information about Therme Laa – Hotel & Silent Spa, please see
  • SILENT SPA – Modern interpretation of ecclesiastical construction designs and digital service conceptAt the new SILENT SPA, a perfect combination of architecture, design and ubiquitous water and light awaits the guests. From floor plan to the decorative elements, there is one common theme: the “tracery”, an ornament formed from geometric shapes which can be found throughout the facility. Tracery tower, cistern tank, “room of silence”, monastery garden, cloister and retreat niches. Thus, elements of ecclesiastical architectural style were deliberately used to create spaces with a unique, evocative atmosphere.
  • VAMED Vitality World: Rapidly rising demand for premium offeringsWith SILENT SPA, VAMED Vitality World is responding to the increasing demand of the thermal spa guests for premium offerings. Already in August 2013, with the “Relax! Day Vacation” VAMED Vitality World started a first premium concept in its eight domestic spa and health resorts. Since its launch, more than 125,000 guests have availed themselves of this offer.
  • Guests with sophisticated demands provide additional impetus for the country around Laa In recent decades, Therme Laa has made Laa an der Thaya one of the favorite destinations for outings and vacations in Austria. Health tourism accounts for around one-third of all overnight stays in Lower Austria. Every year, the municipality welcomes more than 300,000 guests; the number of overnight stays has increased to almost tenfold over the last 13 years. Already last year, VAMED has made the existing Therme Laa even more attractive. Entrance, cloakrooms, spa atrium, spa restaurant, children’s area and sauna facilities were upgraded to be up to date.
  • Dr. Erwin Pröll, Governor of Lower Austria: “In recent decades, the Weinviertel has developed from the borderland it used to be into a prosperous, dynamic tourism destination. With a total investment of nearly €100 mio, Therme Laa is the largest tourism project in Lower Austria. In the region around Laa alone, 700 new jobs and an entirely new infrastructure around the spa have emerged. In high-level quality tourism, we have now tapped even further potential. The new SILENT SPA in Laa is therefore an important landmark project for the whole of Lower Austria.”
  • Laa an der Thaya / Vienna – The municipality of Laa an der Thaya in the northern Weinviertel has a new touristic landmark: Within 17 months, VAMED has created a new, exclusive retreat, with ecclesiastical style elements, with unique, evocative spaces of recreation, and with individual, personal service. The new resort is named SILENT SPA and is the third extension step of Therme Laa. € 21 mio have been invested at the site. On December 01st, Lower Austrian Governor Erwin Pröll, Dr. Ernst Wastler, CEO of VAMED AG, and Brigitte Ribisch M.A., Mayor of Laa, officially opened the SILENT SPA.

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SILENT SPA to open

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Provincial council, Dr. Petra Bohuslav, Gov. of lower Austria Dr. Erwin Pröll, Dr. Ernst Wastler, CE…

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On December 01st, Lower Austrian Governor Erwin Pröll, Dr. Ernst Wastler, CEO of VAMED AG officially…

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