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Leuwaldhof Rehabilitation Centre - For a Life After Cancer

Pediatric patients suffering malignancies or metabolic and gastrointestinal diseases are often endangered by the therapy or the disease itself. Survivors and their families are emotionally drained and bodily exhausted, and the family resources are devastated, which can lead to divorce, neglect, financial crisis or loss of security. To help the families in these difficult times, we provide social coaching to prevent unemployment, psychological support for recovery after trauma, dietary counseling for healthy food, physiotherapy for therapy and strengthening of the body functions, and correction of mowing disorders. Kindergarten and school teachers help the children to catch up with their old class and friends, social counseling supports finding the right job after completion of the therapy, etc. In oncology the whole family is treated, but less intense.

Since June 2018 VAMED and SALK have started up the first pediatric rehabilitation in Austria. The “Leuwaldhof” is situated south of Salzburg, and is closely connected with an adult oncology rehabilitation, which makes transition of young adults to adult physicians easier. From the beginning on the patients from “Leuwaldhof” are scientific evaluated by a “life app”, which can be used by the patients themselves on their own electronic devices.

The authors are MSc Prim. Univ.-Doz. Dr. Gustav Fischmeister (Medical Director Leuwaldhof) and Univ. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Sperl (Director of the Salzburg University Clinic for Child and Youth Healing). This article was published in the magazine Pädiatrie & Pädologie >  Ausgabe 5/2018 erschienen © Springermedizin.at.

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