Coronavirus COVID-19


Coronavirus COVID-19 

Information on the current situation

As an international healthcare provider, VAMED currently meets its great responsibility for healthcare all over the world and for the people entrusted to us in acute care, rehabilitation, and nursing care – in close cooperation with the public authorities.

We would like to express our thanks to our staff who are personally supporting people in health care facilities or those who, under the most difficult circumstances, are putting in place or expanding the necessary health care infrastructure. The same goes for our teams who are keeping the operation of hospitals up and running, securing biomedical services or supporting VAMED’s ability as a whole to continue to be functional in a new unfamiliar home office setup. It is our primary concern to make sure that our staff have the best possible protection in their work.

The applicable regulatory requirements and any additional precautionary measures are continuously evaluated by our experts and immediately implemented in all our divisions and operations.