Individualized Medicine

Gender medicine aka gender-specific medicine is an integrative approach to health that takes biological, environmental, empirical and societal factors into account. It allows more precise and personalized consultation, diagnosis, and treatment. This is why it can rightly be called individualized medicine.

It plays an important role in health promotion and disease prevention, as well as in rehabilitation. The gender-sensitive approach helps to better identify early warning symptoms, and to reduce, or ideally avoid, complications and undesirable side effects of therapies. The goal is to improve quality of life over the entire lifespan.

 The development and optimization of efficient, target-group-specific and gender-sensitive programs is expected to contribute to improved healthcare for men and women.

The collaboration of VAMED with its various healthcare facilities and worldwide resorts and the Medical University of Vienna for the first time opens new approaches to and concepts of application-oriented gender-sensitive research.

Advisory Board

At the Institute for Gender Medicine, quality assurance of scientific concepts and research results is of paramount importance. It is carried out at three levels:

  • through internal measures
  • through scientific consultation
  • through good clinical practice

The task of the Advisory Board is to counsel and support the scientific management of the institute in all questions of 


The members of the Advisory Board are:

Institute for Gender Medicine


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