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Gender Institute

Institute for Gender Medicine

Gender medicine is the gender-specific view of the human condition in terms of research, prevention, diagnostics, therapy, and education in medicine.

Here, biological factors, such as genes or hormones, as well as societal factors such as social situations, culture, education, training, environmental conditions, workplace and family, etc., play an important role.

Not only in diagnosis is it increasingly important to consider gender-specific symptoms; individualized, gender-sensitive concepts are needed in therapy as well. In turn, these must be made public and generally accessible so that patients, policy makers, and medical and nursing staff become aware of them.

In addition, special health-related psychical and physical risks and challenges to men and women at the workplace must be recognized, and the working conditions adapted to the needs as far as possible.

In addition, gender mainstreaming and diversity management is important in every corporate culture. Maintaining human capacity for work, be it physical or mental, will be one of the major challenges of the next decades.

VAMED is committed to these tasks. With la pura in Gars am Kamp in 2011, it was the first company in the world to open a health resort for women only. Now VAMED has taken this offer further and, in cooperation with the Medical University of Vienna, established the first Austrian Institute for Gender Medicine in Gars am Kamp.

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