Bad Sauerbrunn Health Spa

Bad Sauerbrunn Health Spa may refer to decades of spa experience - with a focus on the medical and therapeutic areas. Therapies at the Bad Sauerbrunn Health Spa are based on the use of natural healing resources such as medicinal water, acidulous water and carbonic acid dry gas. The traditional cure helps with degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system, functional cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the kidney and the efferent urinary tract, metabolic disorders, and vascular diseases. All therapies are carried out by specialists with many years of experience in fields like physiotherapy, sports science, and dietology as well as experienced physicians and medical masseurs, converting the Center, located in the most beautiful Rosalia region, into one of the best Austrian health resorts. The combination of top-quality therapies and our wide-ranging wellness offers makes the "Esterházy House", belonging to the Health Center, an ideal travel destination not only for spa guests but also for tourists.

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Bad Sauerbrunn Health Spa Hartiggasse 4 7202 Bad Sauerbrunn +43 2625 3008000
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