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Occupational health management

Healthy staff – healthy company

For the personal well-being of your company's most valuable resource, your staff, the Occupational Health Center provides an interdisciplinary (multi-professional) team that may refer to many years of experience in "Occupational Health Management".


We pursue a holistic approach and offer services that go beyond basic occupational care for your company. The program covers all areas from professional consulting via support to health awareness-raising activities for your staff and company - always tailored to meet your company's particular needs.

Our aim for your company:

  • Productivity and strengthening of psychosocial  and physical resources
  • Ensuring you meet your duty of care regarding industrial safety and health protection
  • Targeted enhancement of staff satisfaction
  • Individual performance through increasing personal well-being


  • Occupational medicine
  • Occupational psychology
  • Lifetime club - promotion of occupational health

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